Friday, September 24, 2010

Waiting on supplies!! :)

 We are still waiting on the soap supplies to come in. Seems like it is taking forever. We ordered a few new scents also. Looking forward to getting in the pumpkin pie scent, gingersnaps scent, candy cane scent, more orange clove scent, snow cream scent, Eucalyptus scent, and the Ocean Mist scent. :) We can't wait for all the new desings!! We plan to make more fall color cupcakes, pumpkin pie slices, and cake slices shapes for the soaps. Then for winter we plan on making snow cream scented snowballs!! Coal shapes for the naughty person on your gift list. lol And of course all the winter shaped cupcakes and candy soaps. :) We will post pictures as we get them done. :)


asdesigns said...

Your soap look awesome! Sometimes it does seem like supplies take forever to get to you

Melanie said...

Thanks!! :)