Saturday, April 30, 2011

Soap Demonstration at Art Fair

Hello everyone!!!

We had such a great time at the art fair at our local College of Craft. It was in a beautiful building that seemed to fit the fair just perfect! The building itself was art. They had lots of students and teachers from local high schools come through and it kept us on our toes for sure! I really couldn't have done it with out my sister!! She was a HUGE help. Keeping everything working so well. Lots of the students were very interested and asked many questions. One student even got to make a batch. It was really great to see the younger generation take an interest in the arts and being an artisan. We didn't really have time to take many pictures. It was really hopping! We did get to make a simple lye soap tutorial while we were there so I'll be posting that soon. I look forward to next year!! Thanks Keila for asking us to be there!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lye Soap Demonstration

Hello Everyone!!

Now that the holiday is over I can get back to the blog and writing tutorials. I love sharing my ideas and the way I do things. I may not do it the right way but I get it done!! lol

This Friday we have a soap demonstration at an Art Fair through the college. I am a little nervous because I don't like to public speak but I love showing people how we make soap. I believe everyone needs to know how to make things on their own. Even if they never do. I'm sure glad my family passed down the knowledge!! I wouldn't know what I would do if I couldn't make my own soap with my allergy. I will take pictures to share with you guys when we get back. :)

I have plans for a cute wash cloth tutorial. Its how to make it look like a cupcake or ice cream cone. I will include templates also. No gift basket is complete without a wash cloth cupcake!! lol I also have plans for a beer soap tutorial and a log mold tutorial. A really simple way to make your own mold.

I will get all these posted soon and hope you like them. :) Can't wait!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More soon. :)

Hello guys!!

I have been a bit busy and now for the past few days I have been down. I will be back very soon with some more tutorials. We will be making our own log mold the easy way and will be showing you how we do that. Also we have plans for a swirl pattern bar tutorial and popsicle tutorial. Once I feel better we will be posting away. :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Silicone 3 Tier Cake Pans

I have to share with you guys what I found in one of the new LTD Commodities book. For only $5.95 too!! They are the cutest things. I have been finding some cute things in there to make soap with these days.

It works great too. No trouble getthing them out after they set up. The only thing I wish is that it had a better support on it. Once its full the biggest tiers push in on the smaller one. Other than that works great!

Here are some we made. I can just see them all decorated up in branches and cherry blossoms. We plan to use the "icing" soap to decorate it just like a real cake.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Laundry Soap Tutorial

Because of my allergy I can't even use store bought laundry soap. Even if I double rinse. Any kind of soap residue and I'm headed for ER and some shots. Ouch! I would rather not. So I looked into making my own laundry soap with the soap I make. It turns out its really easy and cheap!! I can make enough laundry soap for 144 loads for about $2.60 ish. Not bad!! I have tried many different recipes and ways to make it and like this one the best. Most of them get all goopy and you have to stir it up before you use it. Not this one. No solid chunks floating on top.  So this is how I make my laundry soap.


5 gals of water
1 cup of borax (Food City)
1 cup of washing sodas (Food City)
2 - 3 bars of handmade soap
(in this tutorial I used banana scented lye soap)


1. Add one gallon of water to a huge cooker.
I used a deep water bath canning cooker.
It has to be large enough to boil 5 gals of water.

2. Grate the bars of soap.

3. Add grated soap to the gallon of water and heat on high.
Stir often until soap is all melted.

4. After it is all melted and mixed well add 1 cup of
borax and 1 cup of washing sodas. Continue to heat on high.
 Stir until evenly mixed.

5. After it is all mixed well and even add the other 4
gallons of water. It looks kind of milky at this stage.
Stir ever so often. Continue to heat on high. Be sure
to watch it because if it boils too much it will bubble
over!! Found that out the hard way!!! LOL

6. Now its done! See how clear it looks. Turn off heat.
Its heating it to this stage that keeps it from seperating
in the bucket. Let it cool some and pour into a 5 gallon
bucket. Its ready to use.

I don't much care for lye soap made from lard in this laundry soap recipe. It seems to be too oily to me. It may just be me but I prefer olive oil soaps. I have also made it without washing sodas and borax but really like it with it. Seems to clean better.  I haven't added any scent oils just yet to my laundry. The bars do lose their scent after it has been watered down so much. Also the color doesn't get on your clothes unless its super super dark. I've used Kentucky blue color before without any trouble in my whites. Use your own judgement on that one. I have been using this laundry soap recipe for years now and love it. I also use it to clean the house. Mop, wash walls, and counters. If you have any questions just post a comment of send me an email. I am happy to help all I can.

Thanks for stopping by!! :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cupcake Icing Whipped Soap Tutorial

Hello everyone!!

This is on of my favorite things to make! Everyone loves cupcakes and why not make them in soap. I had trouble for a long time finding a way to make the "icing" look real and came across a website about whipped cold process soap. I had to try it. Now this is how we make it. So much fun!!!

As always when making soap take all the safety steps. Gloves, glasses and an apron.

First is the recipe. It took me a year to get it to where I like it. It makes the icing just perfect!

Coconut oil --- 8.6 ounces
Palm           --- 8.6 ounces
Soybean     --- 8.6 ounces

lye --- 3.81 ounces for a 5% superfat
water --- 9.68 ounces

You are welcome to use your recipe also. It must be more solid fats than liquid fats. I use to add olive oil but if I added any liquid to it at all the soap took forever to dry and it never would dry hard enough. It all depends on what you like. The icing on the top of the cupcake is very small and I use my best soap recipe for the cupcake bottoms so I can live with it. lol

1. Prepare your cupcake bottoms. Trim them to look nice.
I used the wilton silicone baking cups to make mine.

2. Mix your lye and water and set into a bowl of water
with ice packs or just ice to cool it.

3. Once your lye is under 70* its ready. Now to mix your oils.

4. Whip your oils together with a large mixer until
they are evenly mixed. Then whip a little longer
to add extra air for the icing look. Stand mixer
works better with this process and is safer.

5. Turn mixer on lowest setting to add the lye mixture.
If your lye is above 70* it will deflate your whipped oils
and you wont get the icing look.
Add the lye mixture very slowly. The oils will form a strage
looking ball once all the lye is added.
You can now slowly turn up the speed to get it all mixed
up evenly and to add more air for a better icing look.
Scrape the side once and mix again. 

6. I use a 18 inch icing bag and large tip to get the soap
icing on top of the cupcakes. You can use the throw
away plastic ones if you like. I can get the whole batch
in this bag and thats why I like to use it. It looks and
feels just like real icing. DO NO LICK YOUR FINGERS!
(my husband did this once and the lye burned his mouth!)

Now comes the fun part!! Decorate!!

I made these hearts by useing a small icing bag and tip.
Then let them dry.

The sprinkles are grated soap scraps and the flag
is a plastic cupcake pick that can be removed
easily before use.

This is a plastic cupcake ring.


My favorite thing is a cupcake!! They are just cute and fun. This is a very cold process method of making soap and takes a few weeks to reach a safe PH so be sure to allow time for that. Also if you use color it will dry lighter than what you start with. You may have to add extra and powder is always best with this. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment or email me. I am happy to help all I can.