Saturday, April 16, 2011

Silicone 3 Tier Cake Pans

I have to share with you guys what I found in one of the new LTD Commodities book. For only $5.95 too!! They are the cutest things. I have been finding some cute things in there to make soap with these days.

It works great too. No trouble getthing them out after they set up. The only thing I wish is that it had a better support on it. Once its full the biggest tiers push in on the smaller one. Other than that works great!

Here are some we made. I can just see them all decorated up in branches and cherry blossoms. We plan to use the "icing" soap to decorate it just like a real cake.


Matt K said...

Hey....supposing we don't have the ltd commodities you know if there's a website or somewhere that one could obtain these cupcake pans???
amazon has them, but they want 22 bucks!!! slightly more than the 6 you got yours for

Melanie Couch said...

I'm not sure. They have a website I'm sure you can google to find. You may also check They may have some for cheap.