Saturday, April 30, 2011

Soap Demonstration at Art Fair

Hello everyone!!!

We had such a great time at the art fair at our local College of Craft. It was in a beautiful building that seemed to fit the fair just perfect! The building itself was art. They had lots of students and teachers from local high schools come through and it kept us on our toes for sure! I really couldn't have done it with out my sister!! She was a HUGE help. Keeping everything working so well. Lots of the students were very interested and asked many questions. One student even got to make a batch. It was really great to see the younger generation take an interest in the arts and being an artisan. We didn't really have time to take many pictures. It was really hopping! We did get to make a simple lye soap tutorial while we were there so I'll be posting that soon. I look forward to next year!! Thanks Keila for asking us to be there!!

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Alana Jo said...

I am glad it went well! Can't wait to see the Lye Tutorial!