Saturday, June 4, 2011

Blogger's Comment Issues

Hello everyone! I changed the settings for my comments because Blogger was having so much trouble. Now you should be able to comment with out any problems. :) Bull Rock Bokeh has some information on their blog. Stop by and check it out. It may help you get more comments too.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

How to Make Artisan Soap

I just tried a new technique when making one of my last batches of soap. It was just a simple one. I had fun with it. I think its cute too.

Fresh cut. It was a pineapple cilantro scent. 

I think it is very cute and it was just the way I tilted the log mold. I'll show you want I did. Who says lye soap has to be so plain. Here is the recipe I used for this soap.

3 Layer Log Recipe

5.5 oz of olive oil
5.5 oz of coconut oil
5.5 oz of palm oil
5.5 ox of soybean oil

3.11 oz of lye
7.3 oz of water

Only make one batch at a time or it will firm up on you. Then you wont be able to get the look.

1. Line your log mold.

2. Gather your supplies and weigh out your oils.
I microwaved the oils to get the to around 90*.
I have my log mold tilted with a stapler. lol It 

3. Added my lye and mixed it all in. Then got my
stick blender to finish the job. I couldn't make soap
without my stick blender. Be sure you only use the
stick blender for about 2 mins at a time then stir by
hand for 30 seconds or you will get a false trace.

4. Once it reached race (see the small lines left in the 
mixture from lifting the beater) add color and scent.

5. Pour it into the mold and it should fill up one side.
You can use a spatula to smooth out the top if you 
want an even line. I didn't because I like the more
natural lines it gives. Let sit for about 30 mins to 
firm up a little.

6. Turn the mold around and tilt it on the opposite

7. Prepare your soap the same way you did for the 
yellow making it a different color. I wanted it white
so I left it natural. Let sit for 30 mins to firm up some.

8. Put the mold down flat now for the last layer.

9. Prepare you last batch of soap for the last color.
I used green for the cilantro part of the scent. To keep
from damaging the bottom layers I pour the green 
onto a spoon that was held close to the mold.
Just let it run off the spoon.

You are finished. :) Let set over night and then
remove from the log and cut. Then let cure for a 
few weeks. The longer it cures the better the bar.

How cute!!! 

If you make some be sure to send us pictures!! We would all love to see.

Happy Soaping!!