Lining A Log Mold

Lining my log mold is something I never forget. I don't know how the other soapers make their soap in an unlined wooden log mold. I only tried it once. lol. We had to scoop the soap out with a spoon. So taking the extra few mins to line my mold is well worth it to me.

You will need your log mold, parchment paper,
tape, and scissors. I like parchment paper better
than wax paper because it doesn't stick as much.
Parchment paper peels right off without any problems.

1. Tear off a piece of parchment paper a little longer
than your log mold. That gives it room to be folded
into mold.

2. Trim the parchment a little to make folding it a 
little easier. You don't have to do that now. You
 can trim it later. I just think it is easier to do it now.

3. One side of my mold folds down so I open it. I 
think it helps to make it easier. I'm all about easy.
Press the paper down into the log mold all along
the bottom. Fold the corners to make them fit better
into the mold. Click on the picture to make it larger
to see it better. Tape down that side or use clips
to hold the paper in place.

4. Here is my little tip I learned along the way. While
the side is open fold the outside corner. You will
be glad you did in a minute. 

5. Now fold the other side. It will make getting the
rest folded into the mold a lot easier.

6. Keeping the paper down in the mold and the 
corners folded close the side.

7. Fold everything in place and snip the corners so 
you can tape down paper to keep it in place.

8. You are done. :) Ready for your soap.